Automotive & Industrial Gaskets

Automotive & Industrial Gaskets

As a result our hard workers, we deliver a variety of Automotive & Industrial Gaskets. We get hold of authentic metals for creating the gaskets in massive number of shapes and sizes. High in intensity, these gaskets provide a long lasting life span. Our customers may also avail custom-made gaskets from us.

Metal Jacketed Gaskets include:

  • Ring Type Joints
  • Corrugated Gaskets
  • Spiral Wound Gaskets
  • Camprofile Gaskets
  • Cut Gaskets
  • PTFE Envelope Gaskets

Gaskets are economical components in a flanged production. Gaskets can cause damage, if the layouts are not engineered accurately.

Points to be kept in mind, while using gaskets are:

  • Always lubricate bolts
  • Do not re-use gaskets
  • Do not use unbranded gaskets
  • Do not use jointing compounds
  • The gasket should be as thin as possible
  • If possible, select a torque, which represents between 50% and 80% of the yield stress
  • Use an acceptable assembly procedure