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PTFE is a highly durable and versatile polymer that is known for its excellent chemical resistance and low friction properties. PTFE moulded products are made by moulding PTFE resin into various shapes and sizes to create a wide range of components and parts. These products are commonly used in industries such as chemical processing, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and semiconductors. PTFE moulded products offer numerous advantages including their ability to withstand extreme temperatures, resistance to chemical corrosion, and electrical insulation properties.

Additionally, PTFE has a low coefficient of friction, making it an ideal material for applications where sliding or rolling motion is involved. Some examples of PTFE moulded products include gaskets, seals, and washers, which are used to prevent fluid or gas leaks in various applications. Other applications include bearings, bushings, and gears, where PTFE’s low friction and high wear resistance make it a suitable material. PTFE moulded products can also be used in the manufacture of electrical components and other high-performance parts that require the exceptional properties of PTFE.